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  Wowbabes - an episode of a funny story set in the future using futurespeak language, by Australian writer Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2008.

WOWBABES by Graeme King


The two wowbabes stopperated at the spendorium floggolater.

“Upsee,” verbilated Miriam, “the visilookers are on sellacon today!”

“Fornuck it!” retruthed Tabatha, “just when I have no spendokens! I used them all yesterwhen on my toplapper Ebuying.”

“Have you been Ebuying more vibropornisses? You plannerizing a ravorgy or something? Somewhens I wondamaze about you, Tab.”


They footlevered on, and meetered Ross and Gill, two Boycummers from learnrote class. They planned to feelwatch the new movation sensorama at the Credicinema.

“Noun,” lippied Ross, “want a yupcaff before we sensee the movation?”

They all armtwined to the Coffabucksalot. The waitnick was Fleur, and she moontoothed at them: “Welcooze! Nowday’s speshysave is the Mealaration, with Uppacaff or Snowdrink.”

Gill orderated and paid with his Nevercard. Miriam pushpooed her frychips to Ross. “You inchew them, I frakk them thingers!”

Ross lipsmacked them and tonerated: “Delibait! Let’s eardrum some paytrax!” He pokled a toekoin into the Jukamatical Discpod.

“Play ‘Ferst Pokeration’ by Virgin and Tonickoff!” yellered Ross. The doofbeats poundeared over them and their tiggiwaves downfell along with the muziktrak.


Tabatha had downerated two moccasynths and her lookscaras grew hazapale.

“Anybody wanna fingalick me?” she purrsighed.

“Yeah,” nodderhymed Gill, “my wangpoker is redulated.”

They bumsqueezed off.

“Lipsuck!” cried Miriam, “she is such a pheremoaner!”

Ross tonguerented from between her thighskins: “I brainthunk that the onceiest timetick I ballpussed her!”

“Lipshut sweetie, and keep flickerating, I’m about to cumgasm!”

Original pictures by Graeme King ©Kingpoetry2008  BACK to TOP