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  Woe is Mee, a funny poem about Chinese names and family by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2009.

WOE IS MEE by Graeme King
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I met a man in China, Mee Laik Sun, a diplomat,

he schooled me in the Eastern way of life,

one buxom daughter fancied me, the young Mee Phar Too Phat,

I thought why not, and took her for my wife.


She had a sister, Mee Phat Too, I married her as well,

we three then set up house in East Taipei,

the second day I heard somebody ringing on our bell,

it was their older brother, Mee So Gai.


The four of us then settled down, one great big family,

we cooked up rice and noodles every night,

but then a friend of his moved in, a guy called Mee Bi Kee,

he had a quite ferocious appetite!


He also had some biker friends, who came and moved right in,

they drank all day and walked around half-nude,

with Mee Big Slob and Mee No Wok and great big Mee Laik Jinn

we soon ran out of money, drink and food!


I saw the head man at the bank, a bloke called Mee Got Doh,

he told me there was nothing he could do,

but gave me the address of someone that he used to know,

a money dealer known as Mee Kon Yu.


A loan was what I needed, and he took me out the back,

the interest rate was ninety-nine percent,

but I knew of a racehorse that was running at the track,

I took his thousand bucks and off I went.


The bookie’s name was Mee Bet Hi, I bowed and bet the lot,

my horse was Mee Hung Long, a well-bred bay,

when jockey Mee Fro Rais fell off, I felt like I’d been shot,

I’d vowed to pay the money back next day!


I’m living in New Zealand now, I’m poor to say the least,

but Western from now on, no more Chinese,

I had my fill of China and the lifestyle of the East,

for me there’s simply way too many Mee’s!

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