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  Whale Tale, an environmentally-friendly green whale love poem by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2008.


You can download this flash spoken poem. Right-click HERE and choose SAVE AS. Open with Internet Explorer.


Poor Wally Whale was nervous as a kitten,

with thoughts that he had found himself a mate,

her name was Wanda Whale and he was smitten,

today they planned to go out on a date!


His Mum advised to take her something floral,

“All females fall for flowers, even me!”

so Wally mixed some seaweed with some coral,

then combed his hair and headed out to sea.


Around the forty fathom mark he met her,

she blushed and thought his seaweed garland grand,

suggesting that the bottom would be better,

she led him to a picnic on the sand.


They had a lovely day, their hearts were reckless,

he built a clever castle out of shells,

then asked a bunch of crabs to form a necklace,

she put it on and heard the wedding bells.


An octopus pronounced the couple married,

the congregation cheered and wished them well,

then Wanda threw the kelp bouquet she carried,

a teenage turtle caught it on her shell.


They honeymooned down in the South Atlantic,

the sea was clear and beautiful down there,

the moonlight made it all seem so romantic,

two whales in love without a single care.


Their life was fairly nice down underwater,

then Wanda dropped a bombshell on her guy:

“You’re soon to be the Father of a daughter,

I’ll have a little baby next July!”


Well, Wally was a very happy feller,

he kissed his wife and told her he was glad,

then suddenly they heard a large propeller,

and something in its throbbing sounded bad.


So Wally hit the surface – saw the whaler,

he knew about these ships, they dealt in death,

he heard a shout and then he saw a sailor,

a harpoon fired and Wally grabbed a breath.


The missile flew, its tail of rope unending,

but Wally flicked his fins and went below,

just then he saw his lovely wife ascending,

he froze, and as she surfaced, yelled out “NO!”


The harpoon struck poor Wanda in the dorsal,

the gunner cheered, she lay there in a daze,

these younger whales made such a tasty morsel,

one more like this and he would earn a raise!


The winch then started dragging through the water,

the ship doors opened wide, she tried to fight,

some men with axes waited for the slaughter,

then suddenly they saw an awesome sight.


As Wally leapt, the crewmen gasped in wonder,

he flew so high, with murderous intent,

then landed hard and split the deck asunder,

the hull filled up with water – down it went.


The other whales said Wally was a hero,

“You’d do the same, I bet,” he’d always quip,

the score was: Wally - one, the whalers - zero,

the only whale to ever sink a ship!


His Wanda healed okay, and now is healthy,

they moved to somewhere whalers never go,

Big Wally’s awesome leap has made them wealthy,

they live at Seaworld now – go watch their show!

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