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  Trek fantasy poem by Australian writer Graeme King - funny, sad, serious and romantic poems. Poems for children, nature and environment poems. ©kingpoetry2007.


Intent on finding Oz, I walked the road of yellow bricks,

but found a troubled panther blocked the way,

he told me I could pass if I would help him from his fix,

I solved his cryptic crossword in a day.


A landslide spelled disaster but I took it in my stride

and gave each rock a name from long ago,

intoning soothing mantras I extended both arms wide,

they melted in a gleaming yellow flow.


A million miles I trod to find a crossroads on a hill,

the signpost had been savaged by a beast,

a trilobite appeared and bade me take a yellow pill,

I did so and decided to head East.


As green evolved to brown the desert slowly took its hold,

I hadn't had a drink for several days,

a winter fog rolled in and turned the air a silent cold,

I licked the cloud of effervescent haze.


A bridge across the marshlands seemed to sing a siren's air,

I gladly strode across its wooden bed,

before too long I realized if I perished none would care,

I fell and wept a song for all the dead.


A summer storm imposed its will and flooded me with pain,

I floated on the current for a while,

the troll beneath the bridge was drowned and swiftly born again,

I christened him Amiga with a smile.


A misty mountain beckoned me, I climbed up to its peak,

the Guru sat beside three silver pools,

I asked important questions but the man refused to speak,

convincing me that knowledge is for fools.


I looked across the Earth and saw the history of years,

a pterodactyl watched me from a tree,

afraid of winter's ice he sang a litany of tears

then crashed into the Evolution Sea.


I took a running leap and landed on a crystal cloud,

around the world I floated in a ring,

as lightning struck me silver I was mystically endowed,

and fell to earth a wise and mighty King.


My rule has not been easy, for my laws are so oblique,

I find it hard when earth and sky compete,

it matters not, I found the affirmation that I seek,

it's somewhere in the ground beneath my feet.




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