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  Solar Flare, an environment poem written for Solar Week by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2009.

SOLAR FLARE by Graeme King
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Written for Solar Week, from a suggestion by Fiona.


I looked up at the Sun and he was frowning,

his voice was like a fiery ball of flame,

he told me that the planet Earth was drowning,

“And mankind thinks,” he said, “that I’m to blame!


“I’ve been here, burning constantly for ever,

I watched the planets cool and shape and form,

my sunlight formed the seasons and the weather,

and man evolved because your planet’s warm.


“A hundred years ago I was the hero,

a friendly face to light a summer’s morn,

and now my reputation stands at zero,

too much of me beams through a sky that’s torn.


“But I have stayed the same, it’s Earth that altered,

you people wouldn’t stop your greedy ways,

the fragile balance in the sky has faltered,

and now it’s very close to end of days.


“Your ‘Climate Change’ won’t stop the world from spinning,

the planet will remain when you are gone,

and I’ll be here, like back in the beginning,

with no-one left to beam my sunshine on.”


I told him I would try and make them listen,

it’s not too late to right the wrongs we’ve done,

when all the world has raised their hands and risen,

perhaps we’ll see a smile upon the Sun.

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