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  Ringside - a call to arms to save the environment by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2009.

RINGSIDE by Graeme King
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Another beach is lost, another king tide...

the ice caps fall in ever-wider thaws,

yet some men watch the planet die from ringside,

and drown the voice of reason with applause.


A punch-drunk forest tries to keep its foothold,

the Timber Barons scream a victory song,

the cost to Earth a story that we're not told,

as Governments cry poor and string along.


As one more species falls into extinction,

a victim of these profit-hungry days,

another dawn is waking to a pink sun,

as record heat comes searing through the haze.


Another year – how many can we borrow?

The payback time is now, but they refuse,

I wonder what they’ll find to sell tomorrow -

what else has Mother Nature got to lose?


Don’t sit there in the crowd and watch this bloodbath,

stand up and shout, make sure they hear your voice,

it’s time for fighting back, to take the right path –

we need to do it now – while there’s a choice!

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