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  Funny people's names by Australian poet Graeme King. Using phonetics for fun. ©kingpoetry2008.

PEEPLE 4 by Graeme King

I was having some fun with names and pronunciation. You may need to SAY them out loud. 

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Russ T. Attitt - Golfer making a comeback

Gomer Dademm - hit man

Bea Stingalot - female apiarist

Bonnie Tupp - female mechanic

Betty Wins - female punter

Clyde Long Taim - a very sad Chinese guy

Mary Doften - a gold-digging woman

Tom Orrow - a procrastinator

Lisa Beechyoonit – holidaymaker

Carrie De Canne – scapegoat

Mustapha Score - drug addict

Corey Zanutta - cockney punk rocker

Juan Lastchans – parolee

Butch Erseels - hungry Eskimo

Vera Boutalotte - bad female driver

Wyatt Hertz – diagnostician

Kelly Fornia - west coaster

Sammy Trailer - truck driver

Claire de Bilding - fire warden

Farah Ferawl – people’s advocate

Juan Supponnataim – story teller

Barb Aryan – Attila’s girlfriend

Lee Donn – follower

Howie Whirrwunse – historian

Bette R. Skinne – beauty consultant

Ray Scawler – track professional

Fi Mailnow – transexual

Rock Derboat - agitator

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