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  Funny Peeple by Australian poet Graeme King - using names and pronunciation in a funny way with names and descriptions of funny people. ©kingpoetry2008.

I was having some fun with names and pronunciation. You may need to SAY them out loud.

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Isobel Ringing - a lady who has tinitis

Mister E. Mann - an amnesiac

Bill Fordarbia - a liquor salesman

Mandy Tester - a womens' libber

Jim E. Barr - a housebreaker

Ty Wunnon - a binge drinker

Wade Eaps - a big fat guy

Tellum Awle - a mafia squealer

Miss A. Lotte - a poor markswoman

Lisa Bighouse - property agent to the stars

Marj Oolsargonn - a robbery victim

Lucy Lastic - a girl whose knickers fall down

I. P. Innsperts - a guy with bladder problems

Carrie Decan - a female patsy

Con Demall - a serial swindler

Bo Trower - a member of the coxless fours

Mae Kinjamm - a home preserving fanatic

Dawn Okker - a door to door saleswoman

Lars N. E. Caper - habitual criminal

Carl Uvver - an auto enthusiast

Saul Oozer - a complaining sportsman

Ike Auntaime - a bad sniper

Sal Inhouse - an Avon lady

Carlotta Katts - a pet-loving lady driver

Stan Duppa - a blind date veteran

Reece Ikeller - a greenie

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 more of my FUNNY STUFF here

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