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  Next Time, an environment poem asking the question of evolution's payback, by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2009.

NEXT TIME by Graeme King
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When man is gone and wiped from history’s pages

the Earth will still revolve around the Sun,

and start anew, evolving through the ages

repairing all the damage we have done.


As evolution starts another stanza,

as microdots of life form into seeds,

will humans be regarded as a cancer

and bypassed as a payment for our deeds?


Imagine planet Earth without pollution,

and picture every species running free,

no forests laid to waste in destitution,

with crystal air and effervescent sea.


No creatures slaughtered blindly by the greedy,

no skies of lead and cloudy overcast,

a Paradise where nothing would be needy,

an Eden where the time of Man is past.


The Earth will wait, and sand will turn to granite,

the time will come when man pays for his crime,

we had our chance, and chose to harm our planet,

will humankind be overlooked next time?

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