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  The Monkey Cage - a circus poem by Australian poet Graeme King - Part of my 20 poem series entitled THE CIRCUS, showing today's world in the role of a circus in a series of circus poems. Can you guess who is who in real life? ©kingpoetry2007.


Part of my 20 poem series entitles THE CIRCUS, showing today's world in the role of a circus in a series of circus poems. Can you guess who or what this poem depicts in real life?

Look Mum, monkeys! Look at them, they’re funny things to see,

Look at that one, finger up, just glaring back at me,

Being taught the tricks to take them on to better things,

Hopefully the centre, not the other, lesser rings.


They’re hard to train, although the session lasts through every day,

They think that learning tricks is boring, chimps prefer to play,

The monkeys brief attention span is short, to say the least,

The trainer yells commands but knows he doesn’t rule the beast.


Some play monkey antics, because life to them’s a game,

They’ve no dreams of stardom and they have no wish of fame,

The circus is a joke, a place to play and sleep and eat,

They know nobody’s cruel enough to throw them in the street.


The trainer cracks his whip but never touches ape, oh no!

Someone in authority would come and stop the show,

The trainer would be led to court, reviled throughout the land,

For having the temerity to raise a spanking hand.


Some monkeys get away with mayhem, education spurned,

You see them in the parks their training over, nothing learned,

They sit, despondent, wondering why life has turned out bad,

Never realizing that they blew the chance they had.


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