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  Love Colors love poem by Australian poet Graeme King - funny poems, sad poems, serious poems and romantic poems. Poems for children, nature poems and environment poems, flash poetry, fantasy poems, funny limericks and more ©kingpoetry2007.



If silver wings would magically appear

and I could fly above you like a bird,

then blue would melt away as skies turned clear

and sadness would no longer be a word.


I’d shower you with gold dust from above,

you’d raise pink lips to heaven to be kissed,

the days would all be painted with our love,

and grey would disappear from spectrum’s list.


The moon would glow – not white, but envy’s green,

as lover’s blush outshines her in the night,

the daffodils would bow to their new Queen,

your radiance outshining golden light.


I’d pluck a purple comet from the sky,

and lock it in a jar for you to keep,

a rare kaleidoscopic butterfly

to flutter dry your tears if you should weep.


I’d change the world, and make the sun turn brown,

if that would keep the beige smile in your eyes,

you only need to tell me that you’re down

then lift your head – you’ll see me in your skies.


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