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  Halloweek - a funny halloween poem by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2008.

HALLOWEEK! by Graeme King
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I knew it must be close to Halloween,

a skeleton had moved into my shed,

he had a friend, with skin of moldy green

who never spoke at all, coz he was dead.


He’d brought his pets along, three shrieking cats,

a werewolf and a very noisy ghost,

a witch dropped in and she had seven bats,

the neighbors on each side moved to the coast.


They made a noisy racket every night,

with screams and howls that echoed down the street,

they practiced every kind of ghastly fright,

to use out in the world for trick or treat.


Then Dracula moved in, his coffin too,

four zombies trudged around and begged for blood,

a mummy taught some trolls to yell out “BOO!”

the milkman heard and fainted with a thud.


I’m glad now that they’re gone, I must confess,

I never got much sleep while they were here,

and someone had to clean up all that mess,

I hope they go to somewhere else next year!


So watch the trick or treaters – watch them good,

sure, most of them just want a candy meal,

but who knows? Somewhere in your neighborhood

are monsters who are very, very REAL!

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