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  Game Boy - a funny cyber poem by Australian poet Graeme King. The world of bits and bYtes bites back! ©kingpoetry2008.


You can download this flash spoken poem. Right-click HERE and choose SAVE AS. Open with Internet Explorer.


I cracked a new computer game, about a week ago,

the last cyber shoot-up for PC,

inspired by three hit movies and a top-rate TV show,

it needed interactive HGD.


The holographic drive was one I'd made all by myself,

with parts I bought on e-bay, almost free,

the inter-active interface I stole right off the shelf,

while all the Boeing salesmen drank their tea.


My mouse was laser powered, and was perfect for the play,

I took it from the next door neighbor's house,

their dummy kid would never use it properly anyway,

he didn't need a ramjet active mouse.


My screen was plasma-pixelled with a resolution tool,

a high-def blue ray module interface,

I bought it with the money paid by several kids at school

for me to hack the student database.


The sound card came from some cheap web site over in Zaire,

the speakers pulsed just like a beating heart,

my hard drive hummed, I strapped myself into the hot-wired chair,

and moved the cursor over to the start.


I clicked the button on the mouse and heard an eerie sound,

like someone scratching iron with a pin,

the colors on the screen began to dance and spin around,

and like a whirlpool, slowly drag me in.


I fell into the screen and softly pixilated through,

just like the finest sieve with grains of sand,

the anti-virus stopped me just before the CPU

so here I am - alive in Cyber land.


I'm fairly sure that one day I'll go back the way I came,

reverse the inter-action and be free,

until I do, be careful when you play that PC game,

that super cyber hero might be me!

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