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  Fire and Rain, a call to arms environment poem about the devastation of climate change by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2009.

FIRE AND RAIN by Graeme King
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So now we see the fire and feel the rain,

we watch our people drown and children burn,

yet all these climate warnings seem in vain,

I wonder what it takes for men to learn.


They tell us there’s no need to take a stand,

it’s simply Mother Nature and her ways,

despite the rising tides and barren land,

and signs that we are near the end of days.


The prophecy was written long ago,

that fire would rain on Earth and all will die,

but this is not some sacred Holy glow –

it’s sunlight through our thin polluted sky.


The leaders of the world refuse to heed,

no time to ponder over future’s fate,

an ever-growing problem – like their greed,

they sit and watch the problems escalate.


We’ll kill our planet long before its time,

we need some action now – that much is plain,

don’t leave your children victims of this crime,

stand up – and stop the fire and the rain.

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