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  e-CON-omy, a satirical look at the world economic crisis in a funny poem by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2009.

e-CON-omy by Graeme King
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The world economy has lost eleven trillion bucks,

is this another corporation con?

I do believe the governments are treating us like schmucks –

cause where the hell has all that money gone?


The Arabs haven’t got it, and the price of oil is weak,

they wonder how much lower it can get,

apparently, they’re going bad, just yesterday one Sheik

asked Boeing for a discount on his jet!


I know it’s not in England, as the Brits are crying poor,

and saying it’s the worst it’s ever been,

they’ll have to pull their heads in and leave us to fight the war,

or otherwise they’ll have to sack the Queen!


It won’t be found in Switzerland, they’re counting up the cost,

and Russia’s now severely in the red,

so Europe hasn’t got it, where’s the money that we’ve lost?

not India, they’re all too underfed!


The Asians haven’t seen it, poor Japan is looking bleak,

they couldn’t hide a trillion in their purse,

the Emperor has cut back to eight geisha girls a week,

and China’s gone from bad to even worse!


It wouldn’t be in Africa, just look at all the facts,

not one of those small nations have the dough,

Australia is running scared, they’ve doubled all the tax,

so where the hell did all that money go?


I think I’ve solved the mystery, the answer’s not so strange,

it’s just another profit-making deal,

those bucks are only on a wall inside the stock exchange,

the trillions that we lost ain’t even real!

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