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  Candy Wars, a kids moral poem by Australian poet Graeme King - with a message about getting along despite what we are made of. ©kingpoetry2008.

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I made a man from marzipan and kept him in a box,

he told me stories of the Candy War,

the day that licorice took up arms against the sweets and chocs,

a fight the world had never seen before.


A secret licorice army had been forming underground,

with good support from jelly beans and more,

the chocolates tried a treaty but no peace accord was found,

the two sides met behind the candy store.


A charge of toffee apples knocked the gummy bears for six,

then bon bons hit the flank with lemon drops,

a full platoon of spearmint leaves attacked the licorice sticks,

while chocolate bullets helped the sherbet pops.


When jubes began retreating all the Easter eggs gave way,

with peanut brittle helping out the fudge,

a real heroic sherbet bomb raced out and saved the day,

he took the highest hill and wouldn't budge.


A full phalanx of jaffas from behind a chocolate frog,

helped macaroons rush in and join the fray,

a huge barrage of nonpareils shot by a treacle log

was followed by a full-on wizz fizz spray!


The allsorts were in trouble with the jelly tots too slow,

a humbug spy sneaked in and stole their maps -

as nougat snipers hassled them they had nowhere to go,

and sent an SOS to licorice straps.


It ended rather quickly with a gob-stopper retreat,

precisely as the chupa chups gave in,

but neither side was ready to admit to their defeat,

and neither side could claim a major win.


Two armies faced each other and the leaders looked around,

the bulls-eyes wanted reasons for a peace,

with aniseed and syrup right across the battleground

the time had come for bickering to cease.


A single chocolate bullet raised his hand to have his say,

he cleared his throat and looked around with pride,

"I'm chocolate-covered, proud to be, and candy all the way,

but also I am licorice inside!


"We all can live together, sugar content small or big,

we're candy, every ball and stick and sweet.

The color of our coating? Well, who really gives a fig?

as long as children think we're good to eat!"


The pastilles burst out cheering and the barley sugar cried,

they all made friends and hugged and kissed and such,

that's why you can eat different sweets and they won't fight inside -

that is, of course, unless you eat too much!


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