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  Beetlemania - a funny insect poem by Australian poet Graeme King. The insect world have their own awards night! ©kingpoetry2008.

You can download this flash spoken poem. Right-click HERE and choose SAVE AS.

As Buzz the mozzie walked out on the stage the dancers twirled,

and lines of pretty gadflies trod the boards,

the biggest evening of the year in all the insect world:

The Bugs and Beetles Golden Globe Awards!


The audience was cheering, and he waited to be heard,

in rented tux he looked so suave and cool,

the microphone was handed to him by a ladybird,

he smiled and cried: "Good evening! Six Legs Rule!"


The moths up on the mezzanine went crazy with delight,

the hornets howled and went into a dance,

a row of aphids cheered as several dragonflies took flight,

the crickets started hugging all the ants!


The first award: For Excellence in Shedding Skin and Shell,

an earwig won, and gave a tearful speech,

she thanked her Mum and Dad and thanked the audience as well,

then tried to give a great big kiss to each!


The next award - for Color - caused a stir, to say the least,

a cockroach won, the butterflies were mad,

the gnats were crying foul, demanding details be released,

apparently, the head judge was her Dad!


The beetle band then played a tune: "I Saw Her Larva There"

two weevils won the Best Supporting Bugs,

then all the fleas applauded as a dust mite with long hair

confessed that he'd indulged in social drugs!


The grand finale came, antennas bristled in the heat,

as Buzz announced the winner: Nancy Gnat!

three fireflies protested but were thrown into the street,

the judges' vote was final - that was that!


The after-party started and the drinks were free and strong,

a praying mantis starlet was a mess,

the wasp who won "Best Thorax" gaily burst into a song,

the starlet promptly threw up on her dress!


The morning came too soon, with goodbye hugs and kisses sought,

the bee boys weaved a course back to their hive,

their lives returned to normal, but all insects had one thought:

they couldn't wait for next year to arrive!


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