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  If I Were God, a conservation and anti-war poem by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2009.

IF I WERE GOD by Graeme King
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If I were God, I’d put an end to war.

I’d ban all conflicts, racial hate would cease,

the world would not need borders any more,

one planet Earth, one people, all in peace.


There’d be no market ups and downs – no need,

I’d own it all, and profit would be banned,

no need for hungry corporation greed,

just wealth to share for every single man.


I wouldn’t watch poor Mother Nature cry,

but teach the world a new age has begun,

a time to fix the holes up in the sky,

and harness all the power from the sun.


There’d be but one religion, namely: Me,

no need for martyrdom and terror’s woes,

no children starving, all the people free

and sharing all the gifts this world bestows.


I’d climb the highest mountain in Tibet,

look down on Earth in peace and give a nod,

there’s Heaven here that we can enter yet,

I’d show you how, if only I were God.

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